Our Story

A little about me and Crim Arcades:

My name is Nathan Crim. I served in the USMC for 12 years. Unfortunately, after an accident which resulted in the loss of rotation and strength in my right arm, I was medically separated.

Now home and with nothing to do but wait for my next surgery, I became bored. I researched and learned everything I could about arcades and virtual pinball. I began building, making and configuring arcades as gifts for fellow Marines and their families.

I developed a passion for arcade building. I love everything about it and always strive to be on the cutting edge of quality, development and innovation. I have the desire to make my arcades attainable to those who are interested. Because of this, when pricing what I build, I do so offering the lowest prices possible.

I truly appreciate my customers and treat them like family. Without them I could not have achieved the level of success that I have experienced to date.